8 hair oils for knotless box braids

8 hair oils for knotless box braids

Photo Credit: Alex Robinson – Unsplash

With the resurgence of braids recently, knotless box braids are a painless way to wear this modern protective style. The oil is a vital component in stimulating hair growth and maintaining a healthy and happy scalp under braids. The oil soothes itching, prevents damage from styling products, strengthens and protects hair, softens hair, and locks in moisture. With all these benefits, hair oil is a must have every time you go for a protective style like braids. It’s even better if you can support black-owned businesses while looking your best.

Take a look at the top black-owned hair oil brands that will keep your scalp and hair healthy when you wear knot-free box braids.

Photo courtesy of Glammed Naturally Oil

Glammed Naturally Oil

This small family business uses real organic oils without any harmful chemicals or additives. its braid oil protects against dandruff, dryness, itching and flaking by restoring the pH balance of the hair and hydrating the scalp. It has also been formulated to prevent the thinning of the edges that can occur if the braids pull on the scalp. Ideal for daily use, this hair oil will make your braids look brighter and healthier than when you made them.

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