Jackie Aina’s New Home & Beauty Brand Is Exactly What We Need Now

Jackie Aina's New Home & Beauty Brand Is Exactly What We Need Now

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Today is Jackie Aina’s birthday!

* signal: “Jackie! Jackie! Jackie! Jackie! Jackie, Jackie, Jackie! *

Our favorite beauty guru queen celebrated her special day by introducing her new home and beauty brand, Forvr Mood, to the masses. Those who signed up for early access were able to purchase some of the items today (and yes, we’re totally jealous)! But don’t worry, the brand will host another launch on August 10..

Jackie made her YouTube debut in 2009 while serving in the military. As her fan base began to grow, she decided to venture onto YouTube full time, and the rest was history. Today THEE is the main influencer of black beauty, and many beauty lovers around the world seek her out for her advice and expertise. So when the beauty expert launched her own home and beauty brand, let’s just say we were ready to buy whatever it was she was selling!

The brand made its announcement by introducing four candles (each priced at $ 35) that you can purchase individually or in a gift package. The candles are made with 100% natural coconut soy wax and paraffin free, which is good because paraffin clogs your pores and can be harmful to your health. Each candle fragrance has its own catchy name that’s SO Jackie – Caked Up, Cuffing Season, Left on Read, and Matcha Business. And today, Jackie donned a silk headband ($ 28) and a silk pillowcase ($ 49) for the ultimate relaxation experience.

In addition to wearing a protective style, silk pillowcases can help keep your hair healthy. For curly haired women, silk fabric will reduce frizz and tangles that cause hair damage. The moisture your hair absorbs will also stay intact when you sleep at night, which is great after a cool blowout. Silk headbands, unlike a regular headband, will help keep hair hydrated and cause less breakage. The fabric also absorbs less dirt, which is great for acne fighters.

We can’t wait to see what else Jackie comes up with. But in the meantime, do yourself and your hair a favor and take a thing or two from this line, sister. Thank me later!

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