Kiara Sky Ice Cream Parlor Collection


Today, I have samples of the Ice Cream Collection of Kiara sky. The Ice Cream Parlor collection includes bright neon colors, as well as a beautiful glitter! Then let’s get started!

Gel polish for ice cream parlor Kiara Sky

The polishes that I will show you today are gel polishes, but the same collection is also available in normal nail polishes 🙂

– Kiara Sky, you make me melt –

Kiara Sky you make me melt

The first color is called You make me melt. You Make Me Melt is a pastel neon blue color. This soft cream polish required three thin coats to achieve opacity in my photos.

Kiara Sky You Make Me Melt Gel

– Kiara Sky, pink champagne –

Kiara Sky Pink Champagne

This is Pink champagne. Pink Champagne is a pastel neon pink color and has a micro glitter that adds a subtle sparkle. The consistency is smooth, a bit transparent, and it required three thin coats to achieve opacity in the photos.

Kiara Sky Pink Champagne Gel

– Kiara Sky, Razzleberry Smash –

Kiara Sky Razzleberry Smash

This is Razzleberry smash. Razzleberry Smash is a neon purple color. It is a well pigmented cream polish and I have applied two coats to it to achieve opacity in the photos.

Kiara Sky Razzleberry Smash Gel

– Kiara Sky, cherry on top –

Kiara Sky Cherry on top

Cherry on the tip It is a neon pink cream nail polish. It is always difficult to capture “neon” colors with a camera. The color in my photos looks like fuchsia, but it’s really neon pink, like a pink highlighter in person. I personally LOVE this color so it’s a shame not being able to show the exact color 🙁

Anyway, Cherry On Top is highly pigmented and only required two coats to achieve this opacity.

Kiara Sky Cherry On Top Gel

– Kiara Sky, Peach-A-Roo –

Kiara sky peach a boo

This is Peach-A-Rooand it’s a neon orange color. Once again, it is impossible to capture true color with a camera. The actual color is a much brighter fluorescent orange.

Kiara Sky Peach A Boo Gel

– Kiara Sky, Feelin Nutty –

Kiara Sky Feelin Nutty

The last one is a shine polish and is called Feelin Nutty. Feelin Nutty has a silver sheen that creates a scattered HOLO effect in direct light.

Kiara Sky Feelin Nutty Gel

Kiara Sky Feelin Nutty Gel Polish

In general, these polishes have a perfect consistency: they are smooth and have an incredible self-leveling property, which makes the application process a pleasure.

If you are interested in this Ice Cream Collection, click on the name to see the product page:

Kiara sky not only do you have these amazing gel / regular nail polishes, they are also famous for their Dipping Powder Nail System. I’ve been practicing this new technique for a few months now and I can’t wait to show you how it works in future posts.

Thanks for your visit <3

* The products I used in this post were kindly sent by Kiara Sky

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