Skai Jackson Stylist Shares Inspo Behind Her ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Look And This Frizz-Free Hair Tip

Skai Jackson Stylist Shares Inspo Behind Her 'Dancing With The Stars' Look And This Frizz-Free Hair Tip

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Skai Jackson She just turned 18 this summer but has been offering crush-worthy styles for years. We are talking about looks that we can wear at any age, with people who take notes to recreate at home. So of course we were excited to see her bring all that hair drama to her new concert on ABC. Dancing with the stars.

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For the past few weeks, we’ve seen her rock a powerful ponytail, cascading waves, and a must-have bob, and we needed deets! We caught up with her stylist Ray Christopher, which has served capillary magic for stars like Saweetie, Teyana Taylor and Danielle BrooksY Niecy Nash, to find out what it takes to create your look, and also shared how to beat frizz while on the go.

Skai Jackson X dancing with the stars
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HYPE HAIR: We loved Skai’s hair on the show! How do you come up with its appearance?
RAY CHRISTOPHER: Every week, we see each other on Saturdays. [and] As for the wardrobe, I let myself go. Whether I’m inspired by something in particular or whatever the outfit reminds me of, I usually go in that direction.

HH: Can you share some details about this week’s “Princess & The Frog”?
LIGHTNING: This week was Disney week so we had to do something a little more fun and something to complement the outfit so I decided to go with a fun and flirty bob. Since Skai wears her natural hair every day and doesn’t really heat it up, we decided to wear a wig. After braiding her hair, I wore a full lace wig.

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HH: Good! Do you have any key elements that you consider to keep your hair spiky even after the performance?
LIGHTNING: Since this is a high-energy show and they’re dancing and sweating the night away, I try to stay within range of the protective hairstyle of things. I still like to maintain the integrity of her hair by being natural while giving her the look she wants and will look better on camera.

For styling, I fell in love with Dove Style + Care Compressed Micro Mist Flexible Hold Lacquer. It really works wonders to lock in the curl and keep Skai’s hair playful and fun.

Skai Jackson X dancing with the stars
Photo Credit: Instagram / @ SkaiJackson

HH: Our hair, in real life, also needs to handle the madness of the day. Can you share some tips for maintaining our styles throughout the day? Any special product for frizz-free hair?
LIGHTNING: Maintaining your hair daily is all about grooming. If you prepare your hair for what is to come during the day, whether you are exercising, dancing, working outdoors, your hair should last all day.

I recommend trying the Dove Amplified Textures collection … provides you with all the tools you need to maintain healthy curls all day long and look amazing while doing it. My favorite product of the collection is the Brightness and humidity Refinement Gel Since it’s perfect for combing the edges, it also works wonders for controlling frizz! Since it is alcohol-free, it doesn’t dry out hair and instead locks in moisture for a full day of shiny, hydrated natural curls.

Do you feel his appearance so far? Sounds below.

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